The Democrat candidate running in HD 32 calls herself a fiscal conservative, yet in the debate she came out in support of two tax increases and a massive Obamacare Medicaid expansion. That is not fiscal conservatism.

Watch the video to learn more about where Brad stands on the issue of raising taxes and being a fiscal conservative. Transcript below:

Hi! I’m Brad Bonham and I’m running to represent you in the Utah House of Representatives for District 32.

Over the last few months, I’ve spoken to hundreds of residents who have expressed concern with the massive tax increases that have been put on their backs. Unfortunately, liberal groups are advocating for new tax increases that will create more burden on Utahns, stifle economic growth and hurt low-income residents the most.

Recently I met a resident in the district who told me that, because of his line of work, he would end up paying up to $300 more per month if the 10 cent per gallon gas tax increase is passed. That’s a big financial impact on him and his family.

Since 2015 the Gasoline tax, Sales tax, Property tax, Tourism tax, Liquor tax, Phone tax, and many others have increased. And this is all while our state is seeing record tax revenue thanks to our booming economy.

I think we’ve had enough tax increases as it is, and efforts to raise taxes even more are not what’s best for our state, our district and you. We can ensure our schools and our teachers have the funding they need to be successful by cutting wasteful spending, being smarter about where we allocate resources, and by creating an environment where our economy can thrive.

Make no mistake, there’s only ONE fiscal conservative in this race and I’m proud to be that candidate!

Join Team Brad Bonham and together let’s send a message that it’s time to stop raising our taxes.

Brad Bonham for House District 32

Brad Bonham for House District 32

Brad Bonham is the Republican candidate running to represent House District 32. He's a successful entrepreneur, educator, and is working hard to be your advocate in the legislature.


  • Avatar Steven d. McKinnon says:

    WOW! I totally support your platform and concur with most of what you support. I just wish I had seen more of your campaign adds and information so as to get involved to spread your qualifications in our community sooner. Compared to your opponent who I think out did your campaigning in our community, other than one town hall gathering you held at Hidden Valley Park, that I am aware of. I live in community 27 of Sandy and have been informed and involved in the past when Lavar was our representative. Like I mentioned I will support you for this important endeavor over your opponent. I hope to talk to you at some future gathering or in person . Thank You on your willingness to serve our community.

    • Brad Bonham for House District 32 Brad Bonham for House District 32 says:

      Thank you, Steve! We have 7 days of phone calls and knocking doors to make sure we get conservatives out to vote so we can win this race!

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