New video on my commitment to public education. Transcript below. 

Hi, I’m Brad Bonham and I’m running to represent you in the Utah House of Representatives for District 32.

Around the world, Utah is known for its innovation and economic success. And I firmly believe that that economic success is rooted in conservative principles and more importantly in the talent that comes out of our K-12 education system. 

Now, you’ve heard the numbers: Utah is near the bottom when it comes to per-pupil spending, and we’re not looking too great when it comes to teacher pay. Class sizes are too big. Teachers are handcuffed in their ability to innovate in the classroom.

Fortunately, Utah experiences high graduation rates to the tune of 86% and our students are going on to attend world-class research Universities right in their back yard.

While we should be proud of this accomplishment, there is still much room for improvement.

If we can achieve this success with our current education system, think of what we can do if we fundamentally shift how we prepare our children for the jobs of tomorrow? If we actually provide our teachers with the training and resources they need? If we empower teachers to inspire rather than just prepare our children for tests

We have the opportunity to add another top tier accolade to our impressive lineup: The best state for education!

But making our education system better is on all of us! It takes parents, students, educators, administrators, industry and everyone else.

If elected to represent you, I will fight for our teachers and our children.

Together, we will fight to find the additional funding we need in education without raising your taxes!

We will provide the professional development and classroom support that our teachers need!

We will better identify and secure the technology resources and supplies that every Utah teacher should have in their school.

And we’ll engage with teachers directly in these discussions so the state knows exactly what our teachers need to be successful in their jobs.

Our students are our future. The success of our state depends on the talent that graduates from high schools.

If we want to ensure that our children have better opportunities than we had, then we must look at addressing these challenges and opportunities in our K-12 system.

Join Team Brad Bonham and together, let’s fight for a stronger, more effective education system that delivers results!

Brad Bonham for House District 32

Brad Bonham for House District 32

Brad Bonham is the Republican candidate running to represent House District 32. He's a successful entrepreneur, educator, and is working hard to be your advocate in the legislature.

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