Not only is poor air quality affecting our health, it is also impacting our ability to attract new businesses and a talented workforce. There are simple things we all can do to help reduce emissions and clear the air. We’re making progress because of great agencies and orgazantions like UCAIR and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, but we can do more!

I’m committed to supporting sound policy that can make a real difference. Join #TeamBradBonham as we fight to clear our air.

Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Brad Bonham and I’m running to represent you in the Utah House of Representatives for District 32.

Utah is often identified throughout the world by several iconic images, including the Delicate Arch, Zions National Park and, of course, the towering Wasatch Front Mountains.

Unfortunately, our beautiful mountains are barely visible for weeks at a time throughout the year because of our poor air quality.

At times, our air quality is so bad that our children can’t go outside for recess and our elderly are advised to stay inside.

Not only has air pollution become a health issue for the elderly and children, it is also impacting our ability to attract new businesses and a talented workforce to our great state.

By 2050, our population is predicted to double.  With this rapid population growth will come increased pollution.  

The time to act is now – we can’t until our population doubles… By that time it will be too late. 

We can’t change our geography, but we can change our behavior. I believe the solution starts with me and you. 

There are simple changes that we can make to help reduce pollution and I’m pleased by the work of the Utah Clean Air Partnership or UCAIR.

For starters, we should incentivize replacing gas powered yard tools with battery powered tools. Did you know that running a gas powered mower for an hour emits as much pollution as 11 cars in that same hour?

With the right leadership, we can also make UTA work better for residents! Let’s work to increase UTA’s routes so more people can easily access public transit.

The state has also adopted stricter emission standards that will help reduce emissions from businesses and refineries. 

We can also start increasing the use of wind and solar power and providing individuals and corporations with incentives that encourage them to “Clear the Air.”

Those who use wind and solar products should be rewarded. Those who drive eco friendly cars with low emissions should also be rewarded. They are doing their part to help clean the air.

We can no longer leave this problem for future generations to solve. The time to act is now. Join Team Brad Bonham and let’s Clear the Air! 

Brad Bonham for House District 32

Brad Bonham for House District 32

Brad Bonham is the Republican candidate running to represent House District 32. He's a successful entrepreneur, educator, and is working hard to be your advocate in the legislature.

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