Congressman Curtis endorses Republican Brad Bonham for House District 32



The education of our children is critical to their future and ours

Brad Bonham: Running to Represent YOU

I’m running because I want a government that empowers you and me. A government that supports and doesn’t hinder. I want a government that allows the free market economy to flourish. I’m running because I don’t want to pay higher taxes and I don’t want the government interfering in my life as both a businessman and a parent… and I know YOU don’t want that either.

I’m running to strengthen an education system where our children can thrive. I’m running because we need common sense solutions to our poor air quality. I’m running because I want to maintain and enhance our amazing quality of life!

My Democratic opponent has said she will raise taxes. I think we are taxed enough as it is, and I believe we can make significant improvements to our education system and our air quality without raising our taxes, by simply being smarter about managing the money we already have.

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Brad Bonham

Business Experience

As a business owner, I know what it means to manage multi-million dollar budgets. I understand the impact taxes and regulation have on small businesses and workers. My experience as a founder and CEO of a successful ready-to-assemble furniture business with now over $100 million in annual revenue and customers around the globe will give the legislature a unique perspective that will help us continue to grow Utah’s economy. A growing economy not only provides jobs and an improved quality of life, but it also provides more money for education so we can attract and retain the best teachers and provide them with the tools they need to be successful.

About Brad

Strengthening Utah's Education System

If we want to ensure that our children have better opportunities than we had, we must look at addressing the challenges and opportunities in our K-12 system. Let’s work together to make Utah the best state for education!

Endorsements for Brad

“Brad Bonham will be an asset in the Utah House of Representatives. He is honest, hard working and experienced. As a business owner, he understands the impact of a large bureaucracy and will be a champion for limited government and fiscal accountability. Brad is the best, most qualified individual to represent the residents of District 32. I encourage you to support Brad Bonham for House District 32.”

Representative Kim ColemanRepublican, West Jordan

“Brad Bonham is a strong community advocate! I have the privilege of working closely with Brad as he serves as the Chairman of the Make-A-Wish Foundation board. He is passionate about helping others and finds creative solutions to complex problems. He will be bring a new and refreshing perspective to the Utah Legislature.”

Jared PerryMake-A-Wish Utah CEO

“I know Brad Bonham to be a man of character and a champion for conservatism. As the Attorney General of the great State of Utah, I can tell you first hand how important it is to have committed and thoughtful officials who truly represent their constituents. I know Brad will be a tremendous legislator. He will listen to you and will fight on your behalf.”

Sean ReyesUtah Attorney General

Improving Our Air Quality

The time to act on air quality is now as our rapid population growth will generate increased pollution. Not only is this a particularly sensitive health issue for our vulnerable populations (children and elderly), but it is also impacting our ability to attract new companies and a talented workforce to our great state.

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